CHUSMI, lovely mix of Basset Fauve de Bretagne. This little boy is 6 years old aprox, 15 kg, excellent character with people and other doggies. Why is he still waiting for a family..?? Why has he been at the rescue centre for more than two long years…? Because he is a griffon..and griffons are invisible..

Chusmi needs a home

Chusmi is a wonderful dog but suffers a lot from living in a rescue kennel, which makes him sad and timid.

6 year-old and already two years in a shelter hoping someone notices him. He used to be a happy, playful, full of energy dog. He loved playing with the other mates. But months passed by..all his friends have been adopted. Everybody has gone home..but he is still there. Now he’s not interested in playing anymore. He spends his days waiting, alone in his corner. He does not even watch the other dogs playing..the others are new dogs, not his friends..he has no interest in life..he is so sad.. He doesn’t understand WHY he was once abandoned.. He didn’t deserve that…

Chusmi deserves a family after 2 years in a shelter

Chusmi makes a great family pet

Chusmi is in Madrid. In Parla. But he could be wherever. He just passes and he waits a family who never arrives. The description people from the kennel give is that of an angel who has given up.. He is obedient, he has never had a bad gesture. But nowadays he’s scared, scared of noises, scared of strangers, scared of storms, scared of loneliness.. He needs a patient, lovely person who will respect him and bring his confidence back…

Chusmi in Madrid

Chusmi says: “Choose Me”!

And he needs this family NOW! Not in a few months..not tomorrow.. He doesnt have more time to waste. He NEEDS a family. He’s not invisible! He’s a treasure, a good boy.. He needs HELP. If you can help him please contact Protectora de Parla phone number : 916058172

Basset Fauve Mix

Chusmi is a Basset Fauve Mix who likes to be around people and other dogs.

3 thoughts on “Chusmi-ADOPTED

  1. I cannot imagine how a wonderful dog like Chusmi can still be homeless. Wish more people would choose a friend which is right here and really needs you instead of ordering a puppy still to be bred somewhere.

  2. After almost three years of invisibility in the shelter, Chusmi was adopted! After sharing new images of him on Facebook, suddenly there was interest in him and a family who saw his photographs stepped forward and immediately made an appointment to come see him in the Parla shelter in Madrid. When they met Chusmi there, they immediately knew that this boy had to come home with them, and from that moment on it all went really fast. The adoption papers were signed, and after three long years, Chusmi finally saw the world outside the shelter and started a new life, a real life. Chusmi adapted immediately to his new home and family and he loves them as much as they love him.

  3. Hi. My name is Kimberly Turner. I have volunteered for breed rescues for years in the past and recently lost my mastiff. I love the BdF breed.
    I live in Boston. No kids. Very active. Minutes away from national reservations, the beach and tons of local parks. I have excellent references. Extensive experience with dogs

    Will you adopt to the US? How can I help??

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