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These last years I have been interested in discovering the unknown (at least to me) world of Griffons. Looking for information in books and online, I found that not a lot of pages comment on this type of dogs. In fact, Griffons are a mysterious and ignored group of dogs. Through the years they have been used for hunting so there is a lot of information dealing with their hunting skills and their capacities for working.

But all this was not what I was interested in. When I met my basset fauve de Bretagne girl, I discovered a great family dog, loving and patient , a nice little doggie, good with kids and excellent with other dogs. But people didn’t even know she was a specific breed, they didn’t know anything about her character, care, history or advantages as a family dog.

My precious, sweet adopted Basset Fauve de Bretagne

My precious, sweet adopted Basset Fauve de Bretagne

So here is where we decided to set up these pages, this blog, in order to bring this amazing breed closer to people, introduce them as the loving and easy dogs they are. Presenting them in front of all the possible adoptants, people who are looking for a new member or people who are interested in knowing some curiosities about these incredible furry friends.

This blog has been divided into different pages or chapters:
– Adoptions: we will post cases from all over Europe, especially from the North of Spain and France, regions where this breed is filling the kennels. Next to each case, you can see a link to the kennel where the dog is, or the organization that handles the adoption.
– History
– Breeds
– Care
– Character

We hope you will follow our articles and together we will be able to spread the word and help these wonderful, sweet, smart and loving dogs to gain the recognition they deserve..


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