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O Refuxio de Bando is located in Galicia, in north-western Spain, near the well-known city of Santiago de Compostela. They are a modern rescue organization, with nice and well-kept kennels and plenty of space for the dogs to play and run free. They are the official municipal collection center for animals in Santiago de Compostela, Teo and Vedra. O Refuxio de Bando is somewhat of a role-model for Spain, and especially for Galicia, were they have a huge problem with abandonment and abuse of animals.

At the moment the ‘Fundación Refuxio de Animais de Bando’ started with some 250 animals in their kennels. Nowadays there are no less than 500 of them, and all await adoption.  They work hard to find them adoptions, fosters or sponsors, and to re-socialize dogs and make them comfortable around humans again, if necessary. They also set up many activities to raise public awareness to improves the situation of animals in their region little by little, and adoption campaigns.

Galicia is situated in the green part of Spain, along the Atlantic coast, with lots of forests and hills, where agricultural land is sparse . It is the perfect habitat for wild boar, and given the climate, they multiply fast in Galicia, wreaking havoc to agricultural land, forest and, of course, vegetable gardens – which seems to be their favorite type of restaurant. Hunting, unfortunately, is necessary. But with hunting also comes the problem of dogs that are lost on the hunt, and unwanted dogs that do not hunt well enough, or dogs that have become too old to ‘work’.

lisistrataAmong Bando’s dogs there are over 50 griffons and griffon mixes, all looking for a new owner. Unfortunately, in Spain griffons are simply viewed upon as mere ‘hunting dogs’ and the Galicians believe they are not suited as family pets – which of course is a misconception, as the people of the Refuxio de Bando know from their experience. As they put it themselves: “The griffon’s friendly and sympathetic character makes the griffon an excellent pet for adults and children. Griffons come in all sizes. They are not very nervous dogs, although they are active, lively and love to play. They easily adapt to live in a group or as only dog, they get along very well with other dogs and are not overly possessive“.


In spite of all this, and all the hard work Bando puts into helping and promoting them, some of their griffons have been there for years on end now, with little hope for adoption. On our Facebook Group, we keep sharing the Bando Griffons, and recently, two of their fluffs have been adopted by loving families! Now we need to find a home for the rest of them too!

To see their website, please visit
Phone: +34 981 575 957 / 646 492 835
e-mail them refuxio[@] (preferrably in Spanish, of course)
Or visit the FaceBook Page of O Refuxio de Bando

Please have a look at their Griffons in the gallery below.



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