Adopted – Young Griffon in Lugo – Galicia needs urgent adoption

Young female griffon needs urgent adoption

Young female griffon needs urgent adoption

VILLALBA, Lugo (Galicia, Spain)
Girl, griffon, she seems a basset fauve de Bretagne, young (we don’t know the exact age by now), excellent character with other dogs, very sociable with humans. She’s really stressed and nervous after being more than a month in a small cage in the municipal pound… She urgently needs ADOPTION as she’s in danger of being sacrificed. She will travel wherever a good family want to adopt him forever.
Please, if you can help this girl or you want more information about her, contact

UPDATE: We lost track of this girl, but today it became clear she had been saved by Adopta Peques and been given the name SHANA.



SHANA was saved by Adopta Peques

Today, September 16, 2015, we received a message that SHANA will go to a foster home. We will add more pictures and details if all goes well. Of course, SHANA still is looking for a forever home!

Then, later on, we received another update: Shana has been adopted!!!

5 thoughts on “Adopted – Young Griffon in Lugo – Galicia needs urgent adoption

  1. Hi,
    We have just lost our beautiful Basset Fauve de Bretagne – Hugo. He was 12 years old and we adored him.
    We would be interested in ‘acquiring’ another Griffon. I love the look of the ‘Petit Griffon Bleu de Gascogne’.
    Can anyone give me more information about these dogs – they look beautiful.


    • Anne, excuses for the late reply! The Petit Griffon Bleu de Gascogne is really, really rare, and not really a breed. I have seen pictures of them though, in Spain, but I do not think there is really a breeder for them. There are many other smaller griffon mixes or griffons breeds available for adoption. Please have a look on our facebook groups, especially the one that helps Spanish Griffons to find a new home in the UK:

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