Griffons love soft things

Griffons love something soft to sleep on, a soft cushion, a nice doggy bed with a soft lining, but especially your bed or couch. I do not know many griffon owners who have succeeded in unlearning their fluffy hounds that the couch is not their space, just that i never could. They just like soft and fluffy things.

griffon hounds love cuddly toys

Like soft places to sleep, most griffons love cuddly toys too, sleep with it and play with it. Binoche adores Knorrie, his new buddy.

But not just toys! Nearly every griffon owner has the experience of the of their fluffy buddy running of with socks from the laundry basket or a cabinet that was left open for a moment… Enough time for your griffon hound to lay out a whole trail of pairs of socks through the house for you to follow.

To unlearn your griffons to nick your

Griffons love socks

Griffon happiness is a soft beds to sleep on… and socks!

socks is really all that difficult. They understand you very well if you tell them they are naughty and they have their own toys. You pick one of his toys up, give it to him and your griffie happily walks away with it – lesson learned! But… a week later you’ll catch him again with a pair of socks in their mouth… They just like them too much and I think many griffon owners can relate to this. The good thing is that they usually won’t gulp them down – like quite a few Labradors I know tend to do. So I gave my griffon a pair of old socks all for himself, tied them together with a knot. Guess what? The sock abductions stopped! At least, here they did…


Griffons like to chew on things. Pieces of wood, balls, chewy toys.. Unfortunately, they also tend to kill their cuddly toys after some time. Sometimes they last a few minutes, sometimes months. First to go are the ears, then the tail and eventually the head is ripped off and the cuddly animal gets disemboweled. As the saying goes: Kill your darlings…

Otto, the cuddly toy slayer looks a bit ashamed when he apprehends the dimension of the massacre he caused...

Otto, the cuddly toy slayer looks a bit ashamed when he apprehends the dimension of the massacre he caused…

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